Anishinaabe artist Ginnifer Menominee has created drawn representations of animals that live alongside us on Unceded Unsurrendered Algonquin territory (Ottawa/Gatineau). Ginnifer shares with us, through story, our connections and relationships to each animal with a series called “Noondaadiwag – They can hear each other”

When completed, the drawings will be shared online via social media channels and on the STO Union and Ginnifer Menominee websites.

You will be able to download an image to colour here or at

“As an Anishinaabeg, I continually contemplate reconciliation and its personal significance to me. Reconciliation, for me, is a personal journey—a consistent ongoing process of cultivating and sustaining respectful relationships. While I recognize Canada’s progression on this path, I’ve extended my inquiry to include, “Who is reconciling with our four-legged, our swimmers, our flyers, and our crawlers? Who is taking steps to reconcile with them?”


Over the past two year I reflected in wondering what our greater than human relatives could share with me about reconciliation and contemplated how we as a “community” could actively contribute to the process of reconciling with them.


Graciously, Nadia Ross, the Artistic Director at STO Union embraced my idea, allowing me to take the lead. Subsequently, I delved into extensive research, identifying various species at risk or on the endangered list. This exploration culminated in the creation of seven artistic representations of animals that coexist with us in Unceded Unsurrendered Algonquin territory (Ottawa/Gatineau). Each drawing, accompanied by information and storytelling about the animal, as well as our role in reconciliation to safeguard these beautiful beings, will be featured in a series titled “Noondaadiwag – They can hear each other.””

Ginnifer Menominee – artist
Ginnifer Menominee is Anishinaabe (Potawatomi/Ojibway) from Wasauksing First Nation, in Ontario’s Anishinabek territory (Parry Sound). Ginnifer is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist and educator with a practice based in community and land-based learning. Ginnifer explores their connection to land, language, history, water, food, animals and plant medicines.

Ginnifer Menominee

Photo courtesy of Paige Rice Photography


STO Union recognizes that its head office in Farrellton, Quebec is located on the unceded and unsurrendered territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabe Nation whose presence here dates back to time immemorial.