Two tiny plays on the essence of theatre

“Bone” (1993) and “Kiss me” (1994)

by Nadia Ross

photo by: Franciska Heinze




Written and performed by Nadia Ross

With Zoot in the original role of the dog

at BANG (Da Da Kamera) at The Theatre Centre



Lights up.


Performer with dog on leash stand, centre stage against the back wall of the room.  Dog is pulling the performer forward, towards the audience. In the audience at the front of the stage is a big dog bone. Performer is somewhat resisting being pulled by the dog. The dog finally breaks through the fourth wall of the stage and gets the bone.


Lights out.







Kiss Me


Written and performed by Nadia Ross

at Buddies in Bad Times’ One-Minute Performances


Lights up.


Performer sits centre stage on stool.


Performer:   Kiss me


Performer repeats “Kiss me” until someone from the audience goes onstage to kiss the performer.


Lights out.