The Band played a love song at the Kaffé


Some great puppet scenes get saved from the cutting room floor! In this scene, the puppets fall under the spell of live music but as soon as the music ends, so do the feelings. All puppets, performances, costumes, props and sets are made by hand by the people of Wakefield, a small community of misfits somewhere in West Quebec. The scenes are set in real locations and feature some well known locals. The drama, however, is pure fiction.

Written, edited and directed by: Nadia Ross

Video and audio by: Rob Scott and Nadia Ross

 Music: “Fragile” by Wayne Hunter

 Puppets by: Wayne Hunter, Sue Hunter, Rick Ritza, Stephanie Hill, River Jay Wellburn, Anne Winship, Michael Kinghorn, William Hamilton St-Aumond and George Acheson

 Puppeteers: Nadia Ross, Rob Scott, Lori Doran and Ryan MacDonald

 Puppet voices: Wayne Hunter, Chris Honegger and Michael Mckinnell

 Set Design: cj fleury, Rob Scott, Heidi Honegger and Julie Cameron

 Props: Rob Scott and Heidi Honegger

Costume: Heidi Honegger, Rob Scott, Sue Hunter and Stephanie Hill

 Produced by Shauna Kadyschuk and Nadia Ross

 A STO Union Production

 We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

 Copyright 2021