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Photo: Brut Kunstlerhaus, Vienna

Photo: Brut Kunstlerhaus, Vienna

Epiphany (2010 – 2012)

SHOW is both a Master Class and a show. Essentially, a group of artists work together for a few days with director Nadia Ross and then present what they’ve come up with to the public.

At the core, this workshop and presentation help participants to learn how to harness and manifest a working method based in collaboration, improvisation, meditation, and research. Working only with what is ready and available allows participants to focus on creating a nuanced dramatic work in the moment and use the power of structure to support an authentic presence on stage.

SHOW exposes participants to Nadia Ross’s practice in a direct, hands-on manner, from inception to presentation.   SHOW comes out of Nadia’s earlier work with similar processes, like Epiphany (2010 – 2012) and Good News from the Sun (part one) (2013).

Spring 2018: Europe. Dates and locations TBA.