Michele Woodard colouring of Nathalie Coutou's winter RIVER

For one year, during the ups and downs of pandemic life, STO Union sent out drawings of the Te-nagàdino-zìbi/Gatineau river throughout the seasons to the entire region to colour. And you sent back such beautiful works! So wonderful and uplifting!

The Final Video and all of the creations were revealed on Sunday October 23rd, 2022 at the PAF (Place des artistes de Farrellton) event “Bodies of Water” at 42 Plunkett in Farrellton.

Details on upcoming presentations to be revealed in 2023.

The River Finale video is available for viewing by request. Please click here to receive your link.

We recognize this season of letting go along with our pandemic reality can result in feelings of grief. If you or someone you know is struggling or in distress, please know you are not alone. It’s important to reach out to get help. Some resources include Kids Help Phone, Canada Suicide Prevention Service and Quebec Crisis Intevention. The Canadian Mental Health Association also offers resources to support mental health during the pandemic.