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R+D Research and Development Program

Photo: Nadia Ross

Photo: Nadia Ross

R+D (Research and Development) Program at STO Union

STO Union’s three-level R+D program is used to develop new projects for STO Union, but also used by other companies to develop projects with the help of Nadia Ross, and, if needed, the larger STO Union team. Projects are developed with Nadia’s direction and method, although variations in all aspects of this program are to be expected.

Three levels of engagement:

  • Initial research and development
  • Development
  • Development with Public Presentation


  • Sessions happen at PAF/FAS in Farrellton, Quebec, unless otherwise negotiated.
  • STO Union provides the rehearsal space and administers the program.
  • Companies and artists that want to take part in the R+D program are responsible for applying for development funding for their project, particularly at the initial stages (1 and 2). Before entering into level three, production arrangements are negotiated between all parties.

2017 R+D Projects

  • Georgina Beaty and Jill Connell with “The Golden Age”
  • Shaista Latif, Artist in Residence, with The Archivist

How to apply:

There are a maximum of three artists/groups in the R+D program per year.

Joining the R+D proram is about having a conversation. It’s open to anyone who wants to reach out and start one. Involvement depends on time, scheduling, funding and mutual interest.