Out Loud: Talks to Self with Michael and Lauren


Video Series


Invited to listen to themselves think on video, people reveal their basic human needs, fears, and desires during the Covid19 pandemic, the most intense globally shared lived experience of a generation. Some people lived through multiple lock-down periods as their personal worlds were reduced to small bubbles. Often, people were left completely isolated for extended periods of time.

Artist Nadia Ross visits them at the beginning and after what many hope will be the final wave of the 2020 – 2021 pandemic, witnessing how the times have changed them.

Out Loud: Talks to Self lets the inner voice be heard and shares our humanity from the inside out, revealing that we are as different as we are similar and are all held by the consistency of the witness.

Out Loud: Talks to Self reveals our human preoccupations during the most precarious times.

Concept, director, editor: Nadia Ross
Project support: Rob Scott, Shauna Kadyschuk
Logo by: David Irvine Photographer
Jingle by: Mathew Falvai
Produced by STO Union


      “We are living history”


      “Nothing has changed for us



      “We headed off