Hello World




In response to STO Union’s international tours being cancelled for two years due to the pandemic, the German festival Theater der Welt reached out to the artists it had programmed and asked them to make a three-minute video in lieu of travelling there to perform.

The result is a touching and powerful look at how one can begin to move on from the great losses of the pandemic years, from a person who lost so very much.


In memory of Alistair Ross and George Acheson

Writer, editor, performer: Nadia Ross

With video material from:

  • Nadia Ross archives
  • STO  Union archives:
  • Out Loud: Talks to Self 2021
  • Michael Clarke
  • Ruth Salmon
  • Rita Jain
  • Randy McMillan
  • Renée Richards 
  • And
  • Isle Turnsen

Excerpt from What Happened to the Seeker – Puppet Video