HOW OUT LOUD is a stand-alone one-person performance that is also the centrepiece of a small travelling festival whose vision is: to discover why gathering matters.

In HOW OUT LOUD, Siminovitch Prize winning artist Nadia Ross explores the question as it relates to the venue we are in, the community that uses it, the art that goes in it, and her own experience of belonging and not belonging in different places.

Starting with the same question in each location HOW OUT LOUD enters: “if this venue didn’t exist, would we build it now?” Ross blends documentary non-fiction with fiction and creates a performance that is shaped by the place in which it is performed.

Everything changes – architecture, knowledge, our understanding of things… HOW OUT LOUD is about what can be found in the remnants after what you held to be true collapses.

HOW OUT LOUD is an enlightening and moving experience about belonging.

HOW OUT LOUD can be a stand-alone performance as well as the centrepiece of a small travelling festival that includes the A.I. Ritual, Creation Rooms and more.

Out Loud Wakefield

Photos by David Irvine

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