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The Twilight Parade

In The Twilight Parade, a community of puppets tell the story of a group of villagers who, while debating the future of their community water well, begin to understand the larger forces at play that erode the threads that hold communities together. Their hard-earned insights are witnessed by Darmagon, an other-worldly being who has run away from his society in the clouds in search of answers to his own questions on ownership, purpose and belonging.

A call for puppets was put out into the community and over 55 puppets showed up in the STO Union studio. The script for this film was written after the cast of characters appeared. Over 100 community members lent their talents to the production: making puppets, designing and building sets and costumes, puppeteering, performing pre-recorded vocal tracks as a guide for future live performances, and, of course, performing the voice-over roles in this production.

The Twilight Parade is a new touring model for STO Union that aims to increase accessibility. Touring works in four possible ways:

  • Digital and Your Folks: We send you the film with digital touring package and you engage your own community in putting on the production.
  • Digital, STO Union crew plus Your Folks: We send you the film, digital touring package and a small STO Union group comes out and helps you put on the show. We can also bring with us an educational and audience engagement program.
  • Traditional Tour (All STO Union): We send you the film and our delightful local cast – the whole kit and caboodle.
  • Digital Only: There is also the option of sending you the film and promotional material as a stand-alone event. The voices of our community are charming, talented and disarming.

Please contact shauna@stounion.com for more information.