STO Union works with numerous artists on a project basis. Please see individual shows for credits. The STO Union core team consists of:

Nadia Ross  –  Artistic Director

Photo: Rob Scott

Nadia Ross is the founder and artistic director of STO Union as well as the winner of the 2016 Siminovitch Prize, the largest Canadian prize awarded in her field. Nadia is an internationally acclaimed artist who has withdrawn from the centre to the periphery, allowing herself to test new forms of cooperation in the small communities of the Outaouais. The shows she creates in these rural communities go on to be presented at theatres and festivals in Canada and abroad. Nadia’s shows and her unique working method are inspirations for new forms of live performance in a digital age. Nadia works on all aspects of any given production, from writing to making sets and props, directing to producing. Nadia has also been awarded the Contra-Guy Award, the Dora Mavor Moore Award and the Chalmers’ award.


 Rob Scott  – Technical Director

Photo: Steve Lucas

Photo: Steve Lucas

Rob Scott is STO Union’s head technical director, stage manager and a creative collaborator. Since 2006 he has has done a bit of everything for STO Union, including touring with the company’s mainstage shows. Rob is a thirty-five year veteran of CBC television. During his time with the CBC he primarily worked for Newsworld’s “Power and Politics,” and also on all aspects of television, including as a director, switcher, cameraman, and soundman for all different genres. His experience at the CBC has acted as an influencer on STO Union projects: from creating a three camera tv studio for the infamous Earle’s Hall Live (2011-2016) project, to building sets and props for most of STO Union’s shows over the past ten years.


Shauna Kadyschuk  – Manager & Producer

Photo: David Irvine

Photo: David Irvine

Originally trained in narrative sociology in Calgary, Alberta, Shauna translated her skills into several roles including freelance writer and editor, researcher, communications advisor and program manager. Having travelled and lived abroad for many years, she moved to Ottawa from Latin America in 2011 for the Master’s of Political Management program, which opened up a new roster of roles in policy, advocacy and external relations. Soon after arriving in Ottawa she needed to get away, took a right turn, stumbled upon Wakefield, Quebec, and never wanted to leave. Now an active member of the community, Shauna supports a number of organizations in a variety of roles, including management, finance, and strategic planning. Shauna spends any free time finding new routes to travel to, through and be in the surrounding forests.


Board of Directors

Julie Kathleen Campbell, President

Agnes McMillan, Past President

Peter Coady, Co-Vice President

Jaime Munro, Co-Vice President

Denise Deziel, Secretary

François Édouard Bernier, Treasurer



Partners and Volunteers

STO Union engages in multiple partnerships with different organizations and artists on a project-by-project basis. Please see credit listings on each project.

STO Union has had the support of hundreds of volunteers, many of them residing in the small communities of West Québec. We are eternally grateful to all of the hundreds of people that have lent a hand in all aspects of show creation, production and dissemination. STO Union’s volunteers inspire us to keep going. Thank you.