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STO Union’s productions have toured to different festivals and theatres around the world since the presentation of the 2000 creation Recent Experiences at le Festival de Théâtre des Amériques (now FTA) in Montreal.

The digital disruption, however, has changed the nature of touring, as it offers multiple other ways for people to access and participate in arts and culture.

What does it mean to tour, in the new Cyber-space and traditional Physical-space worlds? Certainly opportunities are there, as now there are not one, but two spaces to explore. But managing these new spaces and creating meaningful links between them is a work in progress, for all of us. With that in mind, our explorations lead us to both traditional touring and new proposals around possible new ways of ‘touring’:

1. P.O.R.N. Portrait of Restless Narcissism and Everything I have learned, I will share here (working title), are our touring shows for this next cycle.  Hope to see you soon in person!

2. The Twilight Parade, Super Ego Out Loud  and Transformation Box  these projects allow us to explore the ways in which the digital world can transform touring: how it can make it lighter, less damaging to the environment and, in essence, easier? Because isn’t that what new technologies are supposed to do: make things easier?