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The Alistair Trilogy was created through three workshops during 1993. Each workshop was performed publicly at Rhubarb!, The Toronto Fringe and SummerWorks that year. Peter Hinton, who was then working at Theatre Passe Muraille, invited the trilogy to be performed in TPM’s backspace in 1994. The final production was nominated for Dora awards and won the Chalmers Award in 1995. The Alistair Trilogy is recognized as the production that launched STO Union onto the national scene.

The creators, Diane Cave and Nadia Ross, infused the piece with striking imagery and introduced a new approach to performance: ‘acting’ was discouraged and replaced with a more visceral and real way of being onstage, where ‘role’ matters less than the person playing the part. The play itself raises the question of ‘roles’, looking specifically at how history selects certain women’s stories to be told, while ignoring others. In the end, The Alistair Trilogy was a powerful and visceral experience about one woman’s attempt to find her place within discontinuous and contradictory interpretations of the past.