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Super Ego Out Loud is a game and creation process that results in an art installation to share with your friends and community. It’s a fun and intimate celebration of the power of place on people that can be played in different locations, with different communities.

All of us know what it is like to feel conflicted:  we make thousands of decisions a day, often not knowing what to do. Our minds fill up with thoughts as we try to keep it all together. Super Ego Out Loud lets your inner narrator speak, the voice in your head, that voice that is kind of running the show, but that you actually don’t pay that much attention to. Super Ego Out Loud is a game that shines a light on the secret storytellers we hold in ourselves and the stories they are telling.

The stories we create in our minds are shaped by our environment and certainly the space and community chosen to take part in a Super Ego Out Loud process are a big part of what makes the experience special. Whether it’s your local bar, library, theatre, or any place where community gathers, Super Ego Out Loud allows us to share of ourselves intimately, through creativity, building deeper trust and bonds between those that we share this world with.