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Intersections is a series of workshops and meetings occurring throughout 2019.  Next up:

On Saturday December 15th from 11 am – 2pm come and be part of STO UNION and PAF’s workshop of a new community collaboration called Intersections, open for all to join.

Intersections explores the impact digital technology is having on our understanding of our place in the world.

Bringing together knowledge holders from the digital world, creative processes from the artistic world and inspiration from the public, the project’s goal is to find the intersections between all three: arts, digital technologies and communities.

We are currently experiencing one of the largest technological leaps in the history of humankind.  All of us reading this now are living through it and it is affecting our lives in ways we don’t yet understand.  Making art out what we don’t yet fully understand is one of human being’s most ancient tools:  it grounds us, it illuminates us, it heals us.

In Intersections, we ask a small group of experts on the digital revolution to share with us what they think is crucial knowledge we should all know; then we match that knowledge with an artist;  the artist then leads people through a creative process in their chosen medium; the process leads to a public art exhibit and presentation of everyones creations.

Organizers Shauna Kadyschuk and Hannah Ranger moderate the next Intersections workshop and invite the public to come out on December 15th from 11 am – 2 pm, enjoy a light lunch, meet some of the collaborators involved, experience, input and register for sessions starting in the New Year.

For more information or to register, please email shauna@stounion.com.