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Using story, question sessions and video projections, three performers (Nadia Ross, Jacob Wren and Tracy Wright), explore the parallels between the psychotherapeutic enterprise, metaphysical isolation and the nature of performance. The central idea in Revolutions in Therapy is that the practice of meditation and new therapies may offer some kind of perspective on how to cope with a cruel life. This idea is then informed by the fact that the writers, Nadia Ross and Jacob Wren, have opposing opinions on the validity of such a claim. What ensues is an intellectually compact performance piece, where what we share reveals itself as something profoundly moving and impossible to define.

The final production was created in residency at Usine C (Montreal) and premiered as part of the 5th edition (2004) of the Théâtres du Monde event presented by the Festival de Théâtres des Amériques in Montreal.