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Here are the projects led by Sarah Conn between 2012 and 2015:


Founding Team:
Sarah Conn (STO Union)
John Doucet (Théâtre Rouge Écarlate)
Patrick Gauthier
Catriona Leger
Emily Pearlman (Mi Casa)
Kate Smith (Skeleton Key)
Bronwyn Steinberg (Counterpoint Players)

SubDevision is a home-grown event that exists to unite independent theatre companies in a celebration of site-specific, innovative, boundary-pushing art. With live theatre taking place in and around a massive party, it is an immersive experience that paves the way for further creation within the Ottawa theatre community. By banding together, artists have the opportunity to create, develop skills, exchange creative resources and engage the public.

SubDevision unites a group of independent artists in a non-traditional performance space to create original devised pieces that are responsive to the venue’s architectural eccentricities. From its past successes, including being the birthplace for shows that have been nominated for Rideau Awards and toured to a variety of festivals including SummerWorks, In the Soil, and the United Solo Theatre Festival, SubDevision is a concept and experience that continues to grow.

2015 / Ottawa, Canada –  “Split” Enriched Bread Artists, 951 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, Canada

2013/ Ottawa, Canada – “Rituals for the Unfamiliar” Magnetic North Theatre Festival

2012/ Ottawa, Canada – “Conversation with Strangers” SubDevision Sandy Hill Church




Directed by: Sarah Conn
Created and performed by: Sarah Conn and Emma Zabloski
Installation by: Sarah Conn and Allison O’Connor

The phone’s ringing and it might be for you! Sarah from Ottawa is on the line and she has some questions about life in your city. Part storytelling, part conversation, Can We Talk is an exploration of the impulse to leave the place where you were born, emigration by choice, and the decision to stay behind.  Can We Talk is an interactive and immersive live art piece for one audience member.

2014 / Ottawa, Canada – Great Canadian Theatre Company’s undercurrents festival

2014/ Victoria, BC, Canada – Intrepid Theatre’s Winterlab Festival



Collaborators and performers: Sarah Conn, Patrick Dillon, Sara Duplancic and Kiersten Hanly

Directed by: Sarah Conn

Conversations with Strangers is a theatrical party game occurring at a party.   Participants are pulled away from the party to enter the performance space where they are walked through a brief set of activities that explore pleasure, consumption and the need to facing the reality of today’s world.

2013 / Toronto, Canada – SummerWorks Performance Festival

2012 / Ottawa, Canada – SubDevision



Directed by: Sarah Conn
With: Patrick Dillon, Michelle April and Julie Witmer

Everything’s for You is a theatrical party game that occurs alongside an event or celebration. One at a time, participants are pulled away from the party to enter the performance space where they are walked through a brief set of activities that explore the idea of giving and receiving as it relates to the concept of community: what community entails, what it means to have one or not, the various roles that people play within a community, and the positive and negative elements of having to co-exist with others. We raise questions of what it means to open up your community to someone new and we discuss who we want in our communities. In the end, participants are left contemplating the notion of community and the role that it plays in our lives. This is a fun and subtly moving piece that highlights the small but significant rituals that bond people together.

2012/ Wakefield, Quebec, Canada – Wakefest



Directed by:  Sarah Conn

Recess is based on an old children’s folded paper game called the fortune teller. This version of the game involves an oversized fortune teller through which we explore the various ways we attempt to bring control to our lives. Recess is a roving performance installation that will be popping up in lineups, parking lots and parties. Keep an eye out for us, and come try your luck!

2015/ Toronto, Canada – Summerworks Festival

2013/ Ottawa, Canada – Undercurrents Festival



Directed by Sarah Conn
Created and performed by: Sarah Conn, Patrick Dillon and Sarah Duplancic

Rituals for the Unfamiliar is an experiment inspired by studies linking increasing apathy and narcissism with decreasing booking readership. The result is a subtly moving piece exploring how we treat those we don’t know and the role of books in increasing our capacity to be together.

2013/ Ottawa, Canada – Subdevision at Magnetic North Festival

2014/ St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada – In the Soil Festival