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P.O.R.N. Portrait of Restless Narcissism

Photo: Lapointe/Ross

P.O.R.N. Portrait of Restless Narcissism in co-production with Carte Blanche (Quebec, QC)

Can one escape the labyrinth of pornoculture, a culture harnessed to the society of spectacle that has invaded every aspect of daily life?

Nadia Ross (STO Union) and Christian Lapointe (Carte Blanche) began an intense dialogue following their co-nomination for the 2016 Siminovitch Prize for theatre directors. Both known for their artistic visions and unique creations, this collaboration is a natural extension of their artistic temperaments. Their discussions led them to an ongoing process-based project where they use what they have on hand to explore the web of pornculture.

Pornoculture, harnessed to the society of the spectacle, has invaded all spheres of society. From selfies to food porn to performance, how can one get out of something that is seemingly embedded in everything we do?

In Portrait of Restless Narcissism, a couple meet online, interact, then hook up. In an intricate ballet of reality and fiction, mediated by their computers and the multitude of apps they use to communicate, the pair reach porn’s dead end in isolation, revealing how pornoculture works to keep us endlessly hooked on searching for something real in its reflection.

After a very successful Workshop 1 tour in 2018, P.O.R.N is in a development phase during 2019. Stay tuned for further plans and announcements for 2020 including national and international tour dates.


Quebec Association of Theatre Critics 2018 AWARD for BEST ORIGINAL TEXT

In December 2018, P.O.R.N. won the award for best new text from the Quebec Association of Theatre Critics based on the one night workshop presentation under a program that presented works in draft form at Mois-Multi (Recto Verso) in Quebec City. Our team is particularly honoured to receive this prize given the draft form of the text, which is only 5 pages long and in english…from the Association of Quebec Critics.  This led us to realize that the text isn’t really in english at all, it is in some other new language that somehow we’ve all absorbed to different extents, and it is a language that has seeped into everything.

Here is the citation that went with the award:

The text by Lapointe and Ross deals with the obsession with desires that even the virtual world cannot satisfy. This deep web dive takes us into the darkest abysses of a humanity in search of happiness. The game of desire and unfulfilled promises becomes a tragedy in which human beings fall into infinite solitude. This powerful text built from web codes and elliptical syntax highlights the impossible communication, all words dispossessed of their meaning.”  

“Le texte de Lapointe et Ross porte sur l’obsession des désirs que même le monde virtuel ne peut assouvir. Cette plongée dans le deep Webnous entraîne dans les abysses les plus sombres d’une humanité en quête de bonheur. Le jeu du désir et des promesses non tenues devient une tragédie où les humains s’abîment dans une solitude infinie. Ce texte percutant construit à partir des codes du Web et d’une syntaxe elliptique souligne l’impossible communication, tous les mots dépossédés de leur sens.”


CREDITS: Christian Lapointe and Nadia Ross