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Exploration has been at the heart of STO Union’s vision since the start of the company in 1992.

Every year, we approach the idea of ‘exploring’ in a different way.

What is exploring and why is it so important to the act of making?

Each moment is an exploration. Every new moment is an intimate exploration of the new now.

Exploration can be subtle and gentle and it can be violent and invasive. Curiosity plays a big part in exploration.

At its core exploration is fueled by the desire to know more.

“Knowledge will set you free” is the maxim of a number of religions and philosophies, old and new.

Theatre, or acting something out in front of others, is deeply tied to the maxim “knowledge will set you free”.

It is the way communities and individuals both can affirm themselves and get to know each other as a group and as individuals.

Exploration through art and play lies at the heart of STO Union’s vision because it is one of the most powerful ways to explore who we are as individuals and in groups.

And sometimes, ‘knowing yourself’ can really set you free.