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EARLE’S HALL LIVE (2011-2016)

In 2007, STO Union rented the glorious old theatre above Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield, Quebec. Building codes forbade the use of the theatre as a public venue, so as a hopelessly nostalgic and romantic act, the members of STO Union, Wac, Kaffe 1870 and Wakefest Festival des Arts came together to create “Earle’s Hall Live”, a variety show featuring locals and watched by locals. This ‘tv show’ emanated out of the Hall and was simultaneously projected into Kaffé 1870’s bar downstairs. In the bar downstairs, the audience watched the ‘live’ show on the Kaffe’s big screen. The actual show happened upstairs, right above their heads, on the stage of this 19th century small theatre.

The Earle’s Hall Live shows were legendary, standing room only celebrations; celebrations of that lovely old hall, the community that it is in and the bar we all hang out at underneath.