Many of the elements for STO Union productions are made in the STO Union PAF/FAS studio or in the newly renovated Arts Lab research space and venue.Place des Artistes de Farrellton / Farrellton Artists’ Space (PAF-FAS)Place des Artistes de Farrellton / Farrellton Artists’ Space is a non-profit cooperative artist-run space dedicated to the production and development of Arts and Culture in the Outaouais and beyond.It supports this vision by:

  1. offering affordable studio space and resources to professional artists, primarily in the visual arts.
  2. offering ongoing residencies, exhibitions, symposiums, presentations and workshops. Programming may include local, regional, national and international artists of all artistic disciplines.

By opening our studios and venue through special events and programming to the public, we aim to cultivate an audience for contemporary art and to facilitate the artistic and cultural development of its members and the community at large.

Community Collaboration Projects

Each year, STO Union and PAF/FAS join forces to co-produce a community-engagment art project meant to ignite creative imagination in the communities in the Outaouais region. The project is produced by STO Union and PAF but led by an invited artist or artist groups.

The next iteration of the project, Intersections, begins December 15, 2018 at PAF.

PAF-FAS Open House/Portes Ouvertes

Each year in June, PAF-FAS artists open their studio doors to the public. This multi-artist event is a highlight of the region’s cultural activities.