Excerpts from P.O.R.N. (Portrait of Restless Narcissism) LIST OF SONGS

I don’t always play songs I personally like in the shows that I do, so this list isn’t a reflection of my personal tastes.

Music that I have been listening to for inspiration for the show P.O.R.N. (Portrait of Restless Narcissism).

If you have any suggestions of songs for the show, please email info@stounion.com / re: Portrait



Yaima Pellucidity
Max Richter on the nature of daylight
Lama Tashi Mantra of Blessings
Pasha Dume Pae Enchanged
DJ Taz Rashid Gold Flow
Alexa Sunshine Rose I Release Control
Rainer Scheurenbrand Rosa
Matthew Canale

Gangaji on chronic pain

Groove Armada – sand dunes and salty air

Adyashanti and addiction

Adyashanti and addiction to feeling good


I asked the cast and crew to send me some suggestions.  Gabe sent me this one:

Peter Gabriel – Signal to Noise


If you have any suggestions of songs I should play during the show, I’m all ears!


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