About Us


STO Union is a multidisciplinary company creating shows, videos, live art and installations for dissemination in Canada and abroad. Founded in 1992 by current Artistic Director Nadia Ross, the company produces works that engage, often several, elements of making theatre (e.g., performance, set, props, music, video) in distinct ways to flesh out narratives that either work together or apart to build a story.


STO Union consists of Nadia Ross (Artistic Director), Rob Scott (Technical Director and Associate Artist), Shauna Kadyschuk (Associate Manager and Producer), Shaista Latif (Artist in Residence), Sarah Conn (Associate Artist and former Artistic Producer (2010-2017)) and George Acheson (Associate Artist). Please see credits for individual shows. STO Union is represented by Menno Plukker Theatre Agents


Place des Artistes de Farrellton is an artists’ complex situated in West Québec. Twenty visual, textile, multi-disciplinary, text and performance artists occupy studios and share a collective creation, research and development space. By opening our studios and venue to the public through special events and programming we aim to cultivate an audience for contemporary arts and enrich our communities.