Creation Rooms are spaces designed for the public to enter, roll up their sleeves, and let themselves be creative through the arts.

Resulting public creations are shared on STO Union’s social media channels and in other real and digital spaces throughout the year.

In 2023, STO Union’s Facebook and Instagram channels are featuring results from the Creation Rooms.

January 2023 – December 2023: Stage Drawings from Berlin to Wakefield.  The public fills in the empty stage. It’s amazing and beautiful what our imaginations can come up with. A new image is released every week.

 April to June, 2023: a weekly release of cj fleury’s series “Sensings”, a response to her Creation Room held during Wakefield Out Loud 2022

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In 2022/23, three different artists/artist groups present their version of a Creation Room:

What IS the Story?

cj fleury

Two small-scale empty mock stages are in front of you. One has the public sitting in a circle, one has the public seated in rows in front of a stage. In both cases, the stage space is empty.

What do you put in an empty performance space?

Artist cj fleury fills her creation room with everything you need to build your own world on stage, including a basic storyline. In What IS the Story? the Uprights (humans) and the Roots (what sustains us) all have a story to tell. Each participant decides how that story unfolds and what it looks like.

When we put all the pieces together, the result is an amazing explosion of imagination, beauty and appreciation for the power of the public performance space.

Spirit Beading

An invitation with Iris Kiewiet, Destini Broom, Ginnifer Menominee

This beading workshop provides the space for connection, exploration and
engagement, both with community toward a common art piece, and within
oneself towards a small project to take home.

Join the circle with Ginnifer Menominee, Iris Kiewiet and Destini Broom as they
collaborate to share their unique skills and stories, exploring the weavings of
learning and experience, listening and sharing, witnessing and engagement.
Learn about spirit beads and beading, participate in circle creation and the
community project, and bring home a token remembrance of the spirit within
and all around us.

Stage Drawing

Empty stage drawing artist: Tanja Al Kayyali

How would you fill in the empty space? What do you want to see on the stage?

Empty spaces often beg to be filled. What we fill them with can tell us a lot about ourselves. The stories we decide to tell can define us.

In this simple drawing game, the public is invited to fill in the empty space with their own imaginations and not be afraid to let it all come out on the page.

Your drawing can sometimes help you learn something about yourself and how you experience the world. When you share it, it can help all of us grow.

Throughout the year, contributions are generously shared on our social media channels.

Contact us for more info on this and any of our current programming.

Out Loud Wakefield

Photos by David Irvine and cj fleury

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