1. Earle’s hall live – these events orchestrated by Nadia Ross are nothing short of genius. She inspires collaboration from varied artists in many art forms, theatre actors, video/photography, musicians, communicators/announcers, sound experts, etc to play a part and the results are incredibly creative with the added spice of it all coming together in a live performance within two separate spaces. The resounding applause and laughter from the audience speaks to the emotions the event generates. Nadia is a pillar of the arts not only internationally but within our community! Bravo! Andree Grand-Maitre

2. Nadia is a true artist. We are so lucky to have her in our village, creating is her sustenance. We all get to reap the benefits of her efforts such as the Earl’s Hall Live performances and her ongoing guidance to others in her amazing stage presentations and videos productions. Jeannie Barton

3. Nadia Ross has been a creative misfit in these hills for as long as I’ve known her. Her proclivity for throwing a wrench into everyday life and making people look at the world in a new way has upended this little town on more than a few occasions. Christopher Rompre

4. As part of Theatre Wakefield’s New Works Project, Nadia Ross created and directed a powerful and cathartic performance of shared moments of personal transformation entitled “Epiphany”. Her ability to elicit and support the pivotal stories of a collection of passionate people was moving and refreshing. As festival co-producer and “Angel” participant, I can speak to her special talent for observation and animation of human experience. David Park

5. Nadia Ross engages the community in her work and puts energy into creating artistic forums like PAF Open House. Earle’s Hall Live has become a local Christmas tradition. In its absence, it would not feel like Christmas in Wakefield. The Puppet projects have inspired those of us who didn’t think of ourselves as artistic to participate in an arts project. Jodi Hamilton and Darrell Comeau

6. I love all of the work that Nadia Ross has done. However, I really can’t tell you how much I love “What happened to the Seeker” truly genius and deserving of many awards!!!!! Thank you, Nadia, you knocked it outta the ballpark!!!!! Joyce Aboud

7. I am an avid fan of Nadia Ross’ work and was lucky enough to see both 7 Important Things and Whatever happened to the Seeker, both deeply personal and thought-provoking creations. The Earle’s Hall Live performances are nothing short of amazing and hold the whole village enthralled. Personally, I was privileged to participate in a theatrical project initiated by Nadia Ross called Epiphanies. Nadia put an ad in the local newspaper, accepting any submissions, asking for epiphanies people had experienced. A group of fifteen of us, under Nadia’s tutelage, worked through the entire process from writing an epiphany to performing a moving and original theatrical piece that was inspiring and very well received by a local audience. Her latest project the Puppet Movie has involved more than SO villagers, who have created puppets in their own likeness and are waiting with bated breath to see what we do next. Paulette Saltman

8. Nadia Ross’ What Happened to the Seeker was much more than a theatrical performance. It was an interactive extravaganza that intimately involved the spectator through multiple sensory /memory experiences – a 3D poem that sucked you into an unforgettable emotional journey. Tanya Smith
9. I highly recommend What Happened to the Seeker. For me, it was a jam-packed pampering experience that included a video that could become a Cult Classic. This type of show – I’ll call it a Post-Modern Variety show – cannot be replicated by anyone else. Lisa Christian

10. Words that come to mind when I think of what Nadia Ross and the round-up of local artists pulls off for each Earle House Live show are: brilliant, creative, moving, all-encompassing, funny, touching and extremely entertaining. It all comes together each time in a magical manner that leaves this Wakefield resident in awe and fortifies the beautiful spirit of Wakefield!! Laura Landry

11. Nadia Ross has a gift for coalescing and inspiring creative spirit in our little community of disparate folk. I love the thrill and excitement of Earle’s House Live events. One never knows what to expect – music, theatre, poetry, puppetry, film … – like a mini one-night arts festival. Alise Marlane

12. As co-host of Earl’s Hall Live (EHL) and collaborator in the first rendition of the Seeker before it was ripped up, turned into pulp and then reworked, as a performer in Epiphanies and now in my current role as puppeteer (huh?), I have the following to say about Nadia Ross: She is impossible. She is impossible and she is full of possibilities that are difficult to imagine. From beginning to end she engages the community in rich processes that are as compelling as repeated vampire bites to an exposed and willing neck. The lure of her ideas has engaged community members again and again until we are in tears and laughing unnaturally at what turns into a product on point in personal storytelling while coating the audience in a resonant universal truth that we celebrate together for the rest of history. Michelle April

13. Nadia directed me and other ordinary folks in “Epiphany”. Her direction was both astute and profound and has remained a strong influence on me. Mary Lou van Schaik

14. Nadia’s work in What Happened to the Seeker moved me deeply on a personal level and provided me with artistic inspiration as well. A beautiful, subtle challenge. Gordon Wallace

15. Nadia Ross and the STO Union production of Virtual Bar Buddies is taking the “eyes locked on your phone syndrome” one step further. Sit at a bar and take part in the response part of a conversation. It’s as if you had asked a question to which the virtual buddy, which comes to you from a life-size rear-projected pre-recorded video, answers the question. You are in an interview state of mind and you listen to your buddy respond. Have no friends? Need not worry, the virtual buddy is yours for a short period of time. You get so taken by the effect that you lose yourself into it and you react to the sad parts and laugh out loud at the funny parts the same way your real-life buddy would make you laugh in a public place like a pub.

The sad part? You realize your buddy truly isn’t your buddy when the loop comes around. Mind you, I have had many “real” friends repeat the same story over and over to me when they get in that state of alcohol-induced state. So in that sense maybe my virtual buddy isn’t so virtual after all.

If it comes to a pub near you, go and experience it, then you can text your other virtual friends to come and watch. Luc Paquette

16. I am very impressed with how well Nadia is able to engage and encourage the community to participate in her projects. Many people without any art background have participated in her projects with great success under her guidance. Michael Kinghorn

17. I can’t tell you how much we love and look forward to Nadia’s event at the Earle house every year. Fantastic! Michelle Oser

18. What Happened to the Seeker was the freshest, most imaginative interactive happening yet. So original. What a force that Nadia is. A delicate balance of vulnerability, humour and brilliance. Lindy Ranger

19. Nadia Ross takes the individual experience and transforms it into the universal. Her work, which includes theatre, installation art and interactive new media straddles performing and visual art. It is funny, engaging, thought-provoking and deeply moving. She is one of the most interesting and talented artists in this region. Kathryn Drysdale

20. Nadia Ross has consistently striven for Artistic and Professional excellence in the Wakefield and Canadian arts scene … Her ingenuity and talent have been a pinnacle of pride in our community of Wakefield, Quebec. Jeff Smith

21. Nadia Ross is an ingenious creative force and community builder. We thank our lucky stars that she brings her many talents to our small village of Wakefield, QC!! Melanie Somers

22. Nadia’s approach is inclusive and makes the arts accessible to everyone. She taps the imagination and creative fun of her community by inviting all of us in to express our inner and often hidden talents by designing and making puppets … sometimes the journey is about identity, sometimes the journey is about the alter ego and sometimes the journey is about a dream persona. The spirit surfaces an unexpected and delightful outcome. Dianne Rogers

23. Creative genius. Love watching her work, loved my daughter being in her work, love working with her. Love her. Michael McKinell

24. Nadia Ross’ innovative use of any raw materials that are at hand, including the members of the diverse community of a small town, elevates the mundane the way art is supposed to. Hannah Ranger

25. Nadia’s practice is heart-based, hand-extending, spirit-opening and at the same time intellectually rigorous; her work manages to bring .. or is that weave .. busloads of eager villagers into a Capital-A ART world (umm) “theatre” event; build ritual; strengthen community and questioning. Give her what she asks for and then come for a visit or a stay to see the magic spill outwards … and inwards. CJ Fleury interdisciplinary artist

26. Nadia Ross can be counted on to make minds and bodies move. Rest assured that apathy isn’t in the room with a Ross installation. Having participated in her “Epiphany” workshop, and the audience participation of “What Happened to the Seeker” to the audio-visual installation of “Virtual Bar Buddies” and “Earle’s Hall Live”, both at Kaffe 1870, Nadia bares it all to move her audience. No. Really. She bared it all in the ever-popular Franziska Heinz Photography annual community fundraiser, “Nudes of Wakefield”. Jill Rick

27. We always enjoyed showing up to Nadia’s et al group when they produce a special show here and come early or you will be sitting somewhere in another village. Mike Turcotte

28. Nadia is a fount of creative ideas that seems to be bottomless. She then shares these ideas. She asks any and all for their input. She wants and respects the ideas of others. She challenges you as a participant or audience member – often the lines are blurred. The name Nadia may be substituted for the word ‘unique’. JP Campbell

29. I’ve been involved with the Earl’s Hall events can attest to Nadia’s creative direction and endless energy in making it all happen. The freedom she gives the performers and artists is astounding. This hands-off approach really brings out the best in everyone. Wayne Hunter

30. “7 Important Things” turned my creative world upside down. In all the theatre I’ve seen it remains the standout as to what artistic expression of the full human experience can be. Nadia Ross delves deep and what she digs up will whack you in the chest because you will recognize it in yourself. Laurie Gough

31. You have to be there. Witnessing an Earle’s Hall Live episode is truly living the experience. It is fresh, it is certainly not without surprise and when it’s over you just want more. I can’t recommend this show enough, Nadia and her team really know how to bring it. Keny Hodgins