AI Ritual is a simple encounter with Artificial Intelligence and a moving public exchange of our collective hopes and fears.

Experience this project on a large scale in 2024. Dates coming soon…

AI Ritual asks the public to contribute their hopes and fears to an AI language model. These contributions are then de-identified and shared or projected in real and digital spaces, in large scale or small, for the public to witness. Public contributions are fed to the AI which then prepares and shares its reflection on the group through its AI generated art and bespoke insights.

As we write this, AI is not yet sentient and human feelings are what sets us apart. AI Ritual helps us to recognize that difference.

AI Ritual is a multi-dimensional project, in that it offers many things in one small package. It is a multi-lingual, live-art, community-building public engagement, as well as a localized AI-generated art project, a doorway to understanding AI, as well as a promotional opportunity festivals, venues, sponsors and donors.

In AI Ritual, the AI becomes the artists, and the human is its facilitator.  AI does what artists are supposed to do: reflect a world back to us. But the AI’s art and reflection about us can also be judged by us, and in that judgement, we might be able to understand AI and each other more.

What it is

The Impact

How it Grew

Videos about AI Ritual

The Team

A STO Union (Farrellton, Québec) production in co-production with UKAI Projects (Toronto, Ontario) and HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin, Germany)

  • Original Concept and Co-Director: Nadia Ross
  • AI Research Lead, Co-Director and Performer: Jerrold McGrath
  • AI Prototyping Lead and Performer: Kasra Goodarznezhad
  • Producer & Tour Manager: Shauna Kadyschuk

STO Union Creation Team:

  • Artistic Director: Nadia Ross
  • Artistic Producer: Shauna Kadyschuk
  • Technical Director: Rob Scott
  • Photographer: David Irvine Photographer
  • Logo Design: Susan Williams

UKAI Creation Team:

  • Research Lead: Jerrold McGrath
  • Prototyping Lead: Kasra Goodarznezhad
  • Development Lead: Dan Tapper
  • Creative Team: Willem Deisinger
  • Creative Team: Luisa Ji

STO Union recognizes that its head office in Farrellton, Quebec is located on the unceded and unsurrendered territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabe Nation whose presence here dates back to time immemorial.