“A reporter, and editor and an a reader” is a series that asks a crime reporter, a news editor and a reader what makes a good story. Reporters, journalists and editors who work in the ‘news’ work with ‘true’ stories.  We wanted to explore what they think makes a good story, and then take their insights and apply them to making fiction on stage.

This is part one in the series, “A reporter”.

episode 1. (02:04)

“always get both sides of the story”

Gary Dimmock on a fundamental rule in reporting

episode 2. (03:15)

“it’s not like they won but they didn’t lose either”

Gary Dimmock on what can happen when your story is told

episode 3. (01:40)

“know the facts”

Gary Dimmock on what knowing the facts gives you

episode 4. (01:38)

“the bad guys don’t always look like the bad guys

Gary Dimmock on the power of words to change perception

episode 5. (01:48)

“the relationship with your source”

Gary Dimmock on why this is the most important relationship

coming may 22nd:

episode 6. (01:33)

“stay until the end of the story”

Gary Dimmock on the impact of staying with the story

coming may 29th:

episode 7. (02:24)

“the wrongfully convicted”

Gary Dimmock on who often gets wrongfully convicted

coming june 5:

episode 8. (01:28)

“write about it”

Gary Dimmock on the importance of being heard