8 short clips

on what makes a good story

from a crime reporter



5 short texts

on what makes a good story

from a news editor

coming fall 2024

1 live performance

on what makes a good story

from a theatre director and avid reader

coming fall 2024

Series launch: spring 2024

“STO Union has a full roster of projects that we are working on this year, and a few of them have to do with ‘true’ stories. We wanted to start off on the right foot and go to the people who work with true stories and ask them to share some insights that could help us, as a theatre company, as we work with true stories and create STO Union’s 2024/25 projects. As we see more and more newspapers close and it gets harder and harder to know what’s true and what’s a lie, I wanted to get a few essential thoughts from people who are working in that endangered field”

Artistic director, Nadia Ross

This online series features a reporter, an editor, and a reader, each offering their own insights into what makes a good story.

The first in this series, the reporter, features crime reporter Gary Dimmock sharing his insights into journalism through short audio reports.

The second in this series, the editor, Toronto Star editor Keith Bonnell, shares his 5 tips on what makes a good story.

The third and final part of this series, the reader, STO Union’s artistic director Nadia Ross, shares what it is she looks for in a good piece of journalism.

Illustrations by local artists.

The series can be accessed on this page and through social media channels.



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